Whatsapp Free download For Pc

Whatsapp free download for pc. Reality or Fiction?

whatsapp free download for pcWhatsapp was originally developed for the android operating system on smartphones. It is an application which basically can be a substitution for sms`s. But what makes it so different from sms`s and mms`s is that it will cost you a fraction of the price to be in touch with your families and friends and your social circle. It works in the same way except that it uses wifi or 3G to communicate with anyone.It means that even if your friends, family or social circle does not live in the same country as you that you can still communicate with them for almost at no cost, which is much better than the costs you will incur if you are using sms or mms messages to contact people.

Whatsapp Instalation Options For The PC

But how can I use Whatsapp on a Pc if it was developed for a mobile phone? Well first of, you can download the whatsapp free download for pc and then follow these easy steps to get this application to work on your pc. There is two ways in which you can install this application on your pc. The first mehtods involves a third party`s software which is a paid application, so it will cost you a bit of money to get it to work in that manner. The applications name is Youwave, if you want to go with this option you will need to do the following

  1. Download and install youwave
  2. Open the youwave android emulator and choose whatsapp from the options available to you
  3. When it ask for a number you will have provide it with a phone number that is either a different number from your phone or a virtual phone number
  4. Wait for a call to this number or if it is a virtual number for the message with the code that you will need to activate the application
  5. Input this code into whatsapp to verify the installation and to activate the application
  6. Start using whatsapp.

Or if you do not want to follow the paid route you will need to follow this tutorial how to activate and install whatsapp free download for pc.

Why Should I Bother With Whatsapp Free Download For Pc ?

But why would I want to bother to download whatsapp free download for pc, what can it possibly give me that can be useful for a pc owner? In the first place it can help you to communicate with your friends from you desktop or laptop at any time and place, you don`t need to own a smartphone to be able to communicate with people as whatsapp is only available for smartphone users to be using. If you are a Internet Marketer, it opens such a great opportunity for you to send out your messages to thousand of cell phone users across the world, and as we all know to well the cell phone market is huge. So what this application can do for you is to open up another way in which you can reach your target audience, be it only friends or possible customers, this will bring new possibilities for you. So why wait? Download whatsapp free download for pc and begin to explore all your options.

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